Preston Drew has been in the logging and land clearing business in the Pacific Northwest for more than 38 years. He is experienced in virtually all aspects of the business, having worked on government and private jobs using ground and cable logging systems.

Preston’s focus is on the private non-industrial landowner with emphasis on enhancing the beauty, livability, and value of your land. This may involve selective thinning rather than clear-cutting. He is also an expert at safely removing trees that pose a danger to improvements.

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Private Owner

Commercial Logging

Builder & Developer



Drew Logging has a program for small woodlot owners, many of whom live on their land. This type of logging involves special skills, permits, planning and equipment to protect improvements. Results are achieved working with small acreages, timber volumes and a wide variety of landowner goals.

Drew Logging contracts with private landowners to cut and market timber. Products include hardwood and softwood logs, firewood, and biomass. We offer a turn-key service that includes planning, permitting, forestry, layout, road building, harvest operations, and cleanup.

Drew Logging contracts with builders and developers involving projects requiring logging and land clearing. We have many years of knowledge and experience dealing with timing, regulation, and permitting issues associated with these types of jobs.